Bruna Martin

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In view of evidence that illness prognoses and adaptive functioning may be influenced by the accuracy of people's knowledge about their physical symptoms, the present study extended these findings to the chronic care population. It was hypothesized that individuals hold beliefs and develop theories about their physical symptoms and that the accuracy of(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated factors associated with age-appropriate dental care utilization and preventive behaviors among preschool-aged children in Delaware. METHODS In June 1994, child health questionnaires were mailed to a simple random sample of 1,005 Delaware caregivers whose children were ages 6 to 36 months. RESULTS Only 12% of children > or =(More)
Adopted and nonadopted college students were compared on measures of overall adjustment and identity formation, and on perceptions of the general environment characterizing their families of origin. Although adjustment and identity formation were largely similar in the two groups, the family dynamics that predicted success differed for adoptees and(More)
We assess the biological basis of expected utility anomalies through an experiment of the Allais paradox. A questionnaire study of 120 subjects replicates the anomalies and further gathers information about the respondents' bio-characteristics, such as gender, age, parenthood, handedness, second to fourth digit ratio, current emotional state, past negative(More)