Bruna Laís Silva

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The concentrations of uranium isotopes and their decay products 226Ra, 222Rn, 210Pb and 210po have been analyzed in the mineral spring waters of a highly radioactive region of Brazil: Aguas da Prata. This region is located in the Poços de Caldas Plateau, one of the largest weathered alkaline intrusions in the world. Dose calculations were performed to(More)
Proteases are some of the most important industrial enzymes, and one of their main applications is for the production of cheese in the dairy industry. Due to a shortage of animal rennet, microbial coagulant proteases are being sought. In this work, the production of microbial rennet from Thermomucor indicae-seudaticae N31 was studied in submerged(More)
The quantitative analysis of glucose, triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in rat plasma without sample pre-treatment using direct near-infrared spectroscopy was studied. Comparison was made of several multivariate calibration techniques and algorithms for data pre-processing and variable selection, including partial least squares (PLS),(More)
In this paper the activity concentrations of 226Ra and 222Rn were assayed in the mineral spring waters of Aguas da Prata in order to evaluate the seasonal variations of such radionuclides. The results obtained were related to the chemical composition of the water as well as to the lithology of the aquifer and temperature. Higher activity concentrations up(More)
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