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This research is part of a project aimed at verifying the potential of a specifically assessed wooded riparian zone in removing the excess of combined nitrogen from the Zero River so as to reduce nutrient inputs into the Venice Lagoon. Among the specific objectives of the project, there was the determination of change in the composition of the microbial(More)
Disturbances affecting flow and sediment transport regimes (e.g. dams, diversions, gravel mining, weirs, bank reinforcements, climate changes) can promote riverbed degradation and channel narrowing, and thus influence vegetation dynamics and composition. This study investigates the relationships and feedbacks between channel adjustments and riparian(More)
Afforested riparian zone can provide important services beyond forestry, such as the removal of nitrogen from diffuse pollution. Within the Venice Lagoon watershed, a pilot experimental scale system was designed to manage and monitor the hydrological fluxes and quantify N removal processes. The main objectives of this research, carried out from 2008 to(More)
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