Bruna Cersózimo Arenque

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Although vast areas in tropical regions have weathered soils with low potassium (K) levels, little is known about the effects of K supply on the photosynthetic physiology of trees. This study assessed the effects of K and sodium (Na) supply on the diffusional and biochemical limitations to photosynthesis in Eucalyptus grandis leaves. A field experiment(More)
Recent studies showed a positive tree response to Na addition in K-depleted tropical soils. Our study aimed to gain insight into the effects of K and Na fertilizations on leaf area components for a widely planted tree species. Leaf expansion rates, as well as nutrient, polyol and soluble sugar concentrations, were measured from emergence to abscission of(More)
Dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs) simulate surface processes such as the transfer of energy, water, CO2, and momentum between the terrestrial surface and the atmosphere, biogeochemical cycles, carbon assimilation by vegetation, phenology, and land use change in scenarios of varying atmospheric CO2 concentrations. DGVMs increase the complexity and the(More)
The Amazonian tree Senna reticulata showed an increase in photosynthesis and starch content under elevated [CO 2 ] that led an increment in biomass after 90 days. Elevated [CO 2 ] was also capable of reducing the negative effect of waterlogging. Tree species from the Amazonian floodplains have to cope with low oxygen availability due to annual pulses of(More)
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