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Rats that have been irradiated with a single dose of 1500 roentgens directed to the liver show the following abnormalities: increased clearance of colloidal gold by the liver at 30 days, a decreased albumin space index at 30 days, and increased alkaline phosphatase at 60 days. In each of these cases, animals receiving Depo-heparin in dose ranges reasonable(More)
Therapies aimed at enhancing cardiomyocyte survival following myocardial injury are urgently required. As GHRP6 [GH (growth hormone)-releasing peptide 6] has been shown to stimulate GH secretion and has beneficial cardiovascular effects, the aim of the present study was to determine whether GHRP6 administration reduces myocardial infarct size following(More)
Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) of 50 newborn with negative transient evoked acoustic emissions (OEAT) was performed. 54% of them had no family history of sensorineural hearing loss (SHNL) and no risk factors were found. In 70% of cases ABR recording was negative. Follow up did show that 60% of them had normal recordings of hearing and in a 40% different(More)
Fifty human temporal bones from necropsies were used to study the frequency of canal dehiscences in detail along the course of the facial nerve. Specifically, the study focused on bony dehiscences in the fallopian canal and vascular communications between the facial nerve and the surrounding bone. High frequency of dehiscences at the oval window (60%) and(More)
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