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1.1 Our proxy In recent years, proxies have become more prevalent. Generally, these systems are used to process data tlowing between two endpoints using an intermediary. More specifically, they can be used to filter or process traffic flowing to and from a network-limited host. Benefits include more efficient use of network resources, reduced cost, and(More)
We advocate a new architecture for distributed systems supporting mobility. In this architecture an intermediary is interposed between client and server. Its purpose is to lter or delay all but the most essential data that would travel over the slow link to the mobile host, as instructed by the client. The goal of our work is to provide a general framework(More)
We have been working in the wireless space in one form or another in excess of 10 years and have participated in every phase of its maturation process. We saw wireless progress from a toy technology before the dot-com boom, to something truly promising during the boom, only to be left wanting after the bubble when the technology was found to be not ready(More)
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