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In this paper, we introduce the Sketch2Cartoon system, which is an automatic cartoon making system by leveraging a novel sketch-based clipart image search engine. Different from existing work, most of which either limited users to the pre-prepared characters or only used keyword queries to search materials, Sketch2Cartoon enables users to sketch major(More)
During the last three decades, several laser systems, ancillary technologies, and treatment modalities have been developed for the treatment of port wine stains (PWSs). However, approximately half of the PWS patient population responds suboptimally to laser treatment. Consequently, novel treatment modalities and therapeutic techniques/strategies are(More)
Accurate and timely assessment of burn wound severity is a critical component of wound management and has implications related to course of treatment. While most superficial burns and full thickness burns are easily diagnosed through visual inspection, burns that fall between these extremes are challenging to classify based on clinical appearance. Because(More)
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