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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and related technologies are arguably the most challenging of all cell culture applications. The starting material is a single cell from which one aims to produce an embryo capable of establishing a pregnancy eventually leading to a live birth. Laboratory processing during IVF treatment requires open manipulations of gametes and(More)
Most software packages with regular expression matching engines offer operators that extend the classical regular expressions, such as counting, intersection, complementation, and interleaving. Some of the most popular engines, for example those of Java and Perl, also provide operators that are intended to control the nondeterminism inherent in regular(More)
We present a combined first-principles and experimental study of the electrical resistivity in aluminum and copper samples under pressures up to 2 GPa. The calculations are based on first-principles density functional perturbation theory, whereas the experimental setup uses a solid media piston-cylinder apparatus at room temperature. We find that upon(More)