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Bayonets before Bullets: The Imperial Russian Army, 1861-1914
Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The Army of D.A. Miliutin and M.I. Dragomirov 2. Russo-Turkish War, 1877-1878 3. The Army of P.S. Vannovskii and A.N. Kuropatkin 4. The Legacy of G.A. Leer and M.I.Expand
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Reforming the Tsar's army : military innovation in Imperial Russia from Peter the Great to the Revolution
Part I. Population, Resources, and War: 1. Universal service reform: conception to implementation, 1873-83 Robert F. Baumann 2. The limits of reform: the multiethnic imperial army confrontsExpand
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Pieces of the Puzzle: The Role of lu. N. Danilov and M. V. Alekseev in Russian War Planning before 1914
old Russian proverb asserts that 'success has many fathers; failure is always an orphan.' For historians of the First World War, this adage aptly applies to the origins of the flawed strategicExpand
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Russian Military Intelligence, July 1914: What St. Petersburg Perceived and Why It Mattered
Although significant for assessments of war imminence and adversarial warning indicators, military intelligence has figured only sporadically in the immense literature on the July Crisis of 1914.Expand
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Miscalculating One’s Enemies: Russian Military Intelligence before the Russo-Japanese War
On the basis of archival and printed sources, this article examines the role that Russian military intelligence played in miscalculating the Japanese threat before the outbreak of the Russo-JapaneseExpand
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Army and Frontier in Russia
Abstract : The study describes how the Imperial Russian Army adapted its tactics and organization to conduct operations in a frontier environment and explains why some changes persisted and othersExpand
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The Pathology of War Plans: The Lessons of 1914
Mukden to Tannenberg: Defeat to Defeat, 1905–1914
Mukden in February 1905 and Tannenberg in August 1914 marked major Russian military reverses at nearly opposite ends of the Eurasian land-mass. Yet, despite the chronological and geographicalExpand
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The Imperial Russian Army, 1725–1796
The modern Russian military tradition was born in the era of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. In large part, that tradition owes its origins to the achievements of the Imperial Russian Army,Expand
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