Bruce Vollmer

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The olfactory test battery Sniffin’ Sticks is a test of nasal chemosensory function that is based on pen-like devices for odour presentation. It consists of three olfactory subtests: threshold, discrimination, and identification. The detection threshold can be measured using two different odorants--n-butanol or PEA (phenylethyl alcohol). Both tasks are(More)
NASA provides a wide variety of Earth-observing satellite data products to a diverse community. These data are annotated with quality information in a variety of ways, with the result that many users struggle to understand how to properly account for quality when dealing with satellite data. To address this issue, a Data Quality Screening Service (DQSS) is(More)
The past decade has seen a rapid increase in availability and usage of near real-time data from satellite sensors. Applications have demonstrated the utility of timely data in a number of areas ranging from numerical weather prediction and forecasting, to monitoring of natural hazards, disaster relief, agriculture and homeland security. As applications(More)
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