Bruce Vollmer

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Thirteen aminoglycoside antibiotics were investigated with respect to their ability to replace Ca from phosphatidylserine monolayers. The affinities of the glycosides for the Ca-binding sites depended on the pH and the Ca2+ concentration of the aqueous subphase. At a Ca2+ concentration of 1.2 X 10(-5)M and a pH of 7.5 the half maximum concentrations to(More)
The effect of the new compound R 56865 on ouabain-induced intoxication (8 X 10(-7) mol/l) was studied in guinea-pig papillary muscle. The positive inotropism induced by ouabain was not impaired by R 56865. Mechanical signs of intoxication, e.g. extrasystoles and contracture, as well as the development of spike-like action potentials could be prevented by(More)
NASA provides a wide variety of Earth-observing satellite data products to a diverse community. These data are annotated with quality information in a variety of ways, with the result that many users struggle to understand how to properly account for quality when dealing with satellite data. To address this issue, a Data Quality Screening Service (DQSS) is(More)
The past decade has seen a rapid increase in availability and usage of near real-time data from satellite sensors. Applications have demonstrated the utility of timely data in a number of areas ranging from numerical weather prediction and forecasting, to monitoring of natural hazards, disaster relief, agriculture and homeland security. As applications(More)
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