Bruce Tog Tognazzini

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Developing a new working computer systcm can now cost hundreds of millions of dollars, atl expended at great risk. Company managers who must take twponsibility for m,aking development decisions arc loath 10 do so without being able to see and understand the systcm they will be “buying.” When Sunsoft launched the Starfire pro!ccl to develop a next-generation(More)
Magicians have been designing and presenting illusions for 5000 years. They have developed principles, techniques and ethical positions for their craft that this paper argues are applicable to the design of human/computer interfaces. The author presents a number of specific examples from magic and discusses their counterparts in human interface design, in(More)
sonalities; some designers are highly technical. Fit the whole skill set of the designer to the project. Assign designers with complementary skill sets to projects. Second, keep the long-term picture in mind, even as you are working at a more detailed level. Doing so prevents you from getting too bogged down when the process is not moving as smoothly as(More)
This panel explores the impact video and film visions of the future have had on user centered design, with a focus on the role of corporate vision pieces from recent decades.Two vision video veterans join us: Hugh Dubberly, co-creator of Apple's "Knowledge Navigator" and Bruce Tognazzini, creator of Sun Microsystem's "Starfire". We consider how well the CHI(More)
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