Bruce Thompson

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Previous research has suggested that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields increases electroencephalogram spectral power in non-rapid eye movement sleep. Other sleep parameters have also been affected following exposure. We examined whether aspects of sleep architecture show sensitivity to electromagnetic fields emitted by digital mobile phone(More)
BACKGROUND Because human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine rates remain low, we evaluated US school nurses' knowledge, attitudes, perceptions of their role as opinion leaders, and professional practice regarding HPV vaccine, and assessed whether knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of being an opinion leader influenced their professional practice regarding the(More)
A high prevalence of depressive symptomatology has been reported amongst sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but it remains unclear as to whether this is due to their OSA or other factors associated with the disorder. The current study aimed to assess the incidence and aetiology of depression in a community sample of individuals presenting to the(More)
BASEDON DATA PROVIDED BY 4,407 PARTICIPANTS, the present study investigated the psychometric integrity of scores on thirty-four items of the LibQUAL+ evaluation of perceived library quality. The study investigated LibQUAL+ score structure, score reliability, score correlation and concurrent validity coefficients, scale means, and scale standardized norms.(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore how the library service expectations and perceptions of users might differ across health-related libraries as against major research libraries not operating in a medical context; to determine whether users of medical libraries demand better library service quality, because the inability of users to access needed literature promptly may(More)
A rejoinder is offered on the three reviews of Daniel’s article (this issue) by Thompson, Knapp, and Levin. It is concluded that the controversy over statistical significance testing will no doubt continue. Nevertheless, the gradual movement of the field toward requiring additional information in the reporting of statistical results is viewed as evidence of(More)
Based on qualitative data collected in 1999 in Dublin, Ireland and Providence, Rhode Island, this study examines psychosocial tasks for gay men with AIDS who are experiencing "Lazarus Phenomena," significant improvement in health and functioning as a result of current medication advances. The data showed a range of reactions, supportive of the literature on(More)
Purpose – Survey researchers sometimes develop large pools of items about which they seek participants’ views. As a general proposition, library participants cannot reasonably be expected to respond to 100 þ items on a given service quality assessment protocol. This paper seeks to describe the use of matrix sampling to reduce that burden on the participant.(More)