Bruce Thomas

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To date augmented realities are typically operated in only a small deened area, in the order of a large room. This paper reports on our investigation into expanding augmented realities to the outdoor environment. The project entails providing visual navigation aids to users. A w earable computer system with a see-through display, digital compass, and a(More)
This paper presents the use of a wearable computer system to visualise outdoor architectural features using augmented reality. The paper examines the question-How does one visualise a design for a building, modification to a building, or extension to an existing building relative to its physical surroundings? The solution presented to this problem is to use(More)
In automotive manufacturing, the quality of spot welding on car bodies needs to be inspected frequently. Operators often only check different subsets of spots on different car bodies with a predetermined sequence. Currently, spot welding inspections rely on a printed drawing of the testing body, with the inspection points marked on this drawing. Operators(More)
ith the advent of commercially available affordable wearable computers and head-mounted displays (HMDs), it is possible to develop augmented reality entertainment applications suitable for an outdoor environment. We extended an existing desktop game and developed it into the ARQuake system [4], one of the first systems that allows users to play augmented(More)
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