Bruce S. Tether

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1 This paper is one of three 'position papers' produced as a result of collective work in CRIC to develop our arguments concerning a number of issues which we see as pressing concerns in the advancement of understanding innovation within the social sciences. The other papers focus on 'Distributed Innovation Processes' and 'Innovation and Competition'. All(More)
This paper focuses on the ‘design’ of emotional wellbeing in a cancer care service system. There is little or no scholarly understanding of the concept of emotion in service systems discourse. Yet, emotion is often referred to in service systems research; scholars have pointed out the need to create long-term emotional bonds with customers, for example.(More)
In recent years both economic geographers and innovation scholars have paid considerable attention to knowledge-intensive-business-services (KIBS) and professional service firms (PSFs). Both communities have also shown a strong interest in knowledge, and ‘knowledge-bases’. Considering architecture to be based on symbolic and synthetic knowledge, and(More)
This paper draws on the UK’s version of the 3 European Community Innovation Survey (CIS-3) to investigate the contribution that the ‘public science base’ – that is universities and publicly funded research institutes – makes to innovation in firms. We use the CIS-3 to investigate the direct and indirect links between the science base and innovation in(More)
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