Bruce S. Tether

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Executive Summary • Services dominate advanced economies, accounting for about three quarters of their gross value added and employment. Discounting government and other public services, private sector services account for about half of economic activity in advanced economies. Moreover services are the only part of advanced economies to have expanded in(More)
Working papers represent drafts of work in progress and are made available for purposes of comment and discussion only. This working paper may not be quoted, cited, or reproduced or stored in any form without the permission of the author. Abstract Europe's most congested airports are London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Frankfurt. There, demand for takeoff(More)
Keywords: Large engineering (major) projects Risk management Design flexibility Modularity Safeguards Cooperation a b s t r a c t We explore how risk management and design flexibility interplay in major (infrastructure) projects, using the £4.2bn Terminal 5 project to expand London's Heathrow airport. By juxtaposing these two conceptual frames, we unearth(More)
This paper draws on the UK's version of the 3 rd European Community Innovation Survey (CIS-3) to investigate the contribution that the 'public science base' – that is universities and publicly funded research institutes – makes to innovation in firms. We use the CIS-3 to investigate the direct and indirect links between the science base and innovation in(More)
2 Introduction 1 This paper provides an overview of findings and conceptual arguments with respect to services, and innovation in services, especially from a 'systems of innovation' perspective. It will draw especially on the work undertaken by CRIC on innovation in airports, in health care, and in retailing, but will also be informed by wider(More)
Europe's most congested airports are London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Frankfurt. There, demand for takeoff and landing slots has exceeded the available supply for many years. Yet, in the face of persistent growth in air traffic activities, these airports have achieved remarkable increases in their capacity to handle flights, despite retaining the same(More)
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