Bruce S. Haskell

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Aberrant functional patterns of the masticatory musculature have been alleged as a factor influencing the morphogenesis of mandibular dysplasias. These include such expressions as the hyperdivergent skeletal open bite and its counterpart, the hypodivergent skeletal deep bite. A lack of anatomic data dealing with the actual musculoskeletal orientations of(More)
  • B S Haskell
  • Aviation, space, and environmental medicine
  • 1975
A review of the literature reveals a multitude of effects that noise may contribute to periodontal disease, including cardiovascular disease, angiospasm of peripheral vessels, hypertension, and an increase in inflammatory cells with concurrent inhibition of healing. Three groups of 25 men were selected from the Pennsylvania Air National Guard for study.(More)
INTRODUCTION Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is increasingly being used as an imaging modality, particularly in the assessment of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). A blinded observational cross-sectional in-vitro study was conducted to compare the diagnostic accuracy of observers viewing images made with CBCT, panoramic radiography, and linear(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this retrospective analysis was to determine the magnitude of postoperative skeletal relapse of a maxillary LeFort I osteotomy procedure performed with fixation plates and screws composed of a biodegradable copolymer (poly-L lactic and poly-L glycolic acid). METHODS Twenty-three consecutively treated subjects, aged 19 to 39,(More)
This report describes the results of a finite-element analysis with ANSYS (Version 4.3) from Swanson Analysis Systems and 1 mm-long, 2-D elastic beam elements to modify and refine the designs of maxillary and mandibular springs for space-closure management. This system permitted static analysis by means of modern software systems instead of expensive and(More)
This study evaluated the proportion of the external chin (protuberantia mentalia) in relation to the total symphyseal area in normal jaws and those with a diverse morphology. A sample of 60 cases was randomly selected and divided into three groups of 20 each on the basis of normal growth, horizontal growth and vertical growth with an open bite. Tracings of(More)
Models were constructed to simulate as closely as possible the human oral cavity. Radiation absorbed doses were determined for controls and various test situations involving the presence of dental restorative and splint materials during cobalt-60 irradiation of the models. Adjacent gold full crowns and adjacent solid dental silver amalgam cores both(More)
In the second part of this series, three clinical examples are presented to illustrate the use of auxiliary space-closure springs with clinically manageable moment-to-force ratios and new canine brackets to accommodate these springs within the framework of conventional and straight-wire 0.018-inch appliance systems. Eligiloy retraction spring models (0.1650(More)