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Effects of operations on abstract data objects are often difficult for students to comprehend. Visual models can be helpful to students, when the connections among the data object models, virtual machine representations of data objects, and algorithms operating on the data objects are made clear to the students. This paper discusses the design criteria used(More)
The Wiener polynomial of a graph G is a generating function for the distance distribution dd(G) = (D 1 , D 2 ,. .. , D t), where D i is the number of unordered pairs of distinct vertices at distance i from one another and t is the diameter of G. We use the Wiener polynomial and several related generating functions to obtain generating functions for distance(More)
Throughout the history of computer science education there has been debate on what should be the appropriate mathematics background for computer science majors. The first computer science instructors were mathematicians and the first curriculums were just modifications of mathematics curriculums. However, as the discipline has grown and matured there has(More)
This paper describes a set of author developed interactive web exercises and a development environment designed to facilitate language acquisition in a beginning course in C++. The exercises test the students' understanding of several C++ language constructs as well as general programming concepts such as scope of variables. The environment allows students(More)
The increasing presence of mobile and ubiquitous applications has created a need for distributed systems and applications that are dynamic and can efficiently adapt to changes in quality of service (QoS), resource availability, user requirements and location of mobile nodes. This is done by dynamically reconfiguring system components. Reconfiguration should(More)