Bruce S. Britton

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The DNA sequence of the fowlpox virus genome corresponding to the vaccinia virus D6 to A1 region has been determined. Translation of this sequence reveals fowlpoxvirus gene homologues corresponding to the D6, D7, D9, D10, D11, D12, D13 and A1 genes of vaccinia virus. In contrast, no gene homologue for the non-essential vaccinia virus D8 gene was present in(More)
Chronic diseases are persistent ailments that are not preventable or curable with medication or vaccination. Many of the leading chronic conditions in industrialized societies may be related to lifestyle choices. The prevalence of these chronic conditions significantly affects the health, suffering, and longevity of patients. This paper demonstrates the(More)
Chronic Disease is defined as a long lasting health condition, which can develop and/or worsen over an extended time, but which can also be controlled. The monetary and budgetary toll due to its persistent nature has become unsustainable and requires pressing actions to limit their incidence and burden. This paper demonstrates the utility of the System(More)
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