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A total of 117 patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia who were under the care of paediatricians at Birmingham Children's Hospital between 1958 and 1985 were reviewed retrospectively. There were 47 boys (40%) and 70 girls (60%); 30 of the 47 boys (64%) and 38 of the girls (58% of the 66 whose salt state was known) were salt losers. In all salt losers(More)
W hy is the comic strip Dilbert © so popular? It makes fun of • Managers committing to unrealistic costs and schedules. • Projects being over cost and schedule. • Poorly managed projects. • Poorly defined requirements and requirements changing just before delivery. • Poor quality. Perhaps Dilbert's popularity lies in its proximity to the truth. Employees(More)
Forty-five post-menopausal women with recurrent breast cancer were treated with the antioestrogen, tamoxifen, 20 mg twice daily. Clinical assessment after 12 weeks indicated that 18 (40%) showed some remission. Gonadotrophins were suppressed within two weeks to relatively constant concentrations within the post-menopausal range, responses to luteinising(More)
To test the hypothesis that growth hormone (hGH) may increase adrenal androgen production dehydroepiandrosterone (DHA) and its sulphate (DHAS) concentrations were measured by radioimmunoassay in the serum from 7 children with growth hormone deficiency, 2 of whom had delayed puberty. Two injections of hGH (10 mg) were given 48 h apart and the hormone(More)
REFERENCES Benzing, G., III, Schubert, W., Hug, G., and Kaplan, S. (1969). Simultaneous hypoglycemia and acute congestive heart failure. Circulation, 40, 209. Burnard, E. D., and James, L. S. (1961a). The cardiac silhouette in newborn infants: a cinematographic study of the normal range. Pediatrics, 27, 713. -, and(1961b). Failure of the heart after undue(More)
An LH-RH test was performed before and 44 and 92 h after treatment with 2.5 mg oestradiol benzoate in 17 patients with a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian (PCO) disease. The responses were compared with the same tests performed on ten normal subjects during the early follicular phase of their menstrual cycles (days 4--6). Patients were divided into two groups(More)
A simple method which uses 100 microliter serum has been developed to measure the binding of somatomedin B (SMB) to protein in serum from normal children, adults, and patients with growth hormone deficiency. 125I-labelled SMB was used as binding ligand. The correlation between the binding of label by the proposed procedure and by an immunoelectrophoretic(More)
In 1956 Prader, Labhart, and Willi first described a group of patients who presented with 'floppiness' at birth and later became obese, dwarfed, and mentally retarded, and some had impaired glucose tolerance tests. Further articles followed (Prader and Willi, 1961; Laurance, 1961, 1967; Forssman and Hagberg, 1964; Evans, 1964; Hooft, Delire, and Casneuf,(More)