Bruce Rowlands

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Purpose  to provide insights into the process of applying Lamb & Kling’s (2003) user as social actor model as an institutional lens to analyse data and to generate findings of IS practice. Approach  provides an example from a recently published research project (Rowlands, 2008) why the social actor model was chosen, and an application of how the model was(More)
The concept of IT governance culture is relatively new. In this paper we develop an IT Governance culture model based on Detert et al’s (2000) framework involving eight dimensions of culture. Each dimension is described in terms of how they relate to the implementation of IT governance initiatives. Our contribution is to illustrate the utility of the(More)
This paper provides an example of developing a coding strategy to build theory of the roles of methods in IS development. The research seeks to identify and understand how system development methods are used in an IS department within a large Australian bank. The paper details a theoretical framework, particulars of data collection, and documents an early(More)
This paper reports on research into how a systems development methodology (SDM) operates as an institution: specifically – an institutional carrier in the process of systems development. The case study develops the argument that institutional structures (such as authority, norms, symbolic values, and routine ways of doing things) embedded within the(More)