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Blessed Are Those Who Mourn: Depression as Political Resistance
In this essay, I explore the political significance of depression, particularly as a prominent form of resistance to conditions of life under contemporary global capitalism. After noting theExpand
Caring for Souls in a Neoliberal Age
Beyond Self-Management: Re-Membering Soul
Rogers-Vaughn addresses how to respond to the effects of neoliberalism, suggesting hope (as distinct from neoliberal optimism) as the necessary response to suffering and despair. Identifying twoExpand
Neoliberalism, Inequality, and the Erosion of Social Well-being
In this chapter, Rogers-Vaughn identifies neoliberalism as an adaptive, reflexive, cultural process that continually morphs to reflect and transform the cultures in which it is embedded. Tracing theExpand
The significance and role of theology in pastoral counseling has been a controversial issue from the beginning of the modern pastoral care movement in the years immediately following World War II.Expand
Muting and Mutating Suffering: Sexism, Racism, and Class Struggle
Rogers-Vaughn identifies neoliberalism as an intrinsically sexist and racist project that both mutes and mutates racism and sexism as it intentionally re-institutes new forms of patriarchy and whiteExpand
Pastoral Counseling in the Neoliberal Age: Hello Best Practices, Goodbye Theology
This essay claims that the practice of professional pastoral counseling has undergone a radical transformation in the last three decades, as it has suffered renovation to be in compliance with theExpand
Introduction: Preface to a Post-Capitalist Pastoral Theology
Rogers-Vaughn describes a shift in individuals seeking counseling: a greater degree of self-blame and shame, an increased incidence of mood disorders and addictions, and a more fragmented sense ofExpand