Bruce R Tulloh

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Laparoscopic mesh repair is an established alternative to the open repair of herniae of the antero-lateral abdominal wall. However, a definition in the literature of “recurrence” is lacking. This study reviews the phenomenon of pseudo-recurrence in patients who describe recurrent symptoms despite an apparently successful laparoscopic ventral or incisional(More)
Mesh repair of large ventral or incisional hernias is problematic when primary fascial closure cannot be achieved, as this leaves mesh exposed, bridging the gap. We describe a modified retromuscular sublay repair which overcomes this problem and report a retrospective review of cases to assess outcome. Mesh is positioned between transposed flaps of(More)
Audit of a general surgical practice in the rural Victorian town of Echuca identified 28 new patients with breast cancer between September 1992 and August 1995 (10% of those with breast conditions). The rural setting was no impediment to breast conservation (achieved in 68% of the 25 who had surgery) or to a multidisciplinary approach (management was(More)
Smartphone technology and downloadable applications (apps) have created an unprecedented opportunity for access to medical information and healthcare-related tools by clinicians and their patients. Here, we review the current smartphone apps in relation to hernias, one of the most common operations worldwide. This article presents an overview of apps(More)
High patient volume for both hospitals and surgeons is an important determinant of operative mortality and outcome for complex and infrequently performed operations. The 13% of Australia's population who live in rural and remote areas often choose to have surgery close to home and support networks despite the potentially higher operative mortality and(More)
BACKGROUND Email offers the opportunity to improve communication between surgeons across the world. This experimental study aimed to assess the feasibility of obtaining clinical opinions by email and digital photography in remote surgical practice. METHODS Over a 3-week period, all adult general surgical cases with a visual component to their condition(More)
We enjoyed the article by Pauli et al. [1] and accept that posterior component separation with transversus abdominis release (PCS/TAR) successfully addresses recurrent ventral hernias following anterior component separation. Indeed it makes sense that further lateral releases in a different anatomical plane should allow further medial approximation of the(More)
The congress was scheduled to run for 2 days as usual and the general format was based on that from previous congresses with a mixture of invited speakers, free papers and industry-sponsored satellite sessions. As in Ghent and Gdansk, the congress opened with a session devoted to evidence-based medicine. However, the convenors also wanted to introduce new(More)
Healthcare professional engagement is increasing. This study aims to identify levels of adoption and engagement of several social media platforms by a large international cohort of hernia surgery specialists. Hernia specialists attending the 38th International Congress of the European Hernia Society were identified. A manual search was then performed on(More)
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