Bruce R. Schatz

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pages indicated that there was limited overlap between The Internet provides an exceptional testbed for develthe homepages retrieved by the subject-suggested and oping algorithms that can improve browsing and searchthesaurus-suggested terms. Since the retrieved homeing large information spaces. Browsing and searching pages for the most part were different,(More)
Adverse drug events (ADEs) remain a large problem in the United States, being the fourth leading cause of death, despite post market drug surveillance. Much post consumer drug surveillance relies on self-reported "spontaneous" patient data. Previous work has performed datamining over the FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) and other spontaneous(More)
Using brain transcriptomic profiles from 853 individual honey bees exhibiting 48 distinct behavioral phenotypes in naturalistic contexts, we report that behavior-specific neurogenomic states can be inferred from the coordinated action of transcription factors (TFs) and their predicted target genes. Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of these(More)
Network information systems reached the public consciousness this year as a result of the phenomenal growth in the use of the Internet. In particular, the software constituting NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) Mosaic and the World Wide Web have made global hypermedia a widespread reality for the first time. The technology underlying(More)
This research presents preliminary results generated from the semantic retrieval research component of the Illinois Digital Library Initiative (DLI) project. Using a variation of the automatic thesaurus generation techniques, to which we refer as the concept space approach, we aimed to create graphs of domain-speciic concepts (terms) and their weighted(More)
This research presents an algorithmic approach to addressing the vocabulary problem in scientific information retrieval and information sharing, using the molecular biology domain as an example. We first present a literature review of cognitive stud!es related to the vcrcabulaw problem and vocabulary-based search aids (thesauri) and then discuss technques(More)