Bruce R. Davis

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Noise in dynamical systems is usually considered a nuisance. However, in certain nonlinear systems, including electronic circuits and biological sensory systems, the presence of noise can enhance the detection of weak signals. The phenomenon is termed stochastic resonance and is of great interest for electronic instrumentation. We review and investigate the(More)
Absiruct-An analysis of the exact delay of a TDMA or a loop communication system with a contiguous output and a Poisson message arrival process is presented. The nonlinear relationship of a contiguous output with arbitrary arrival process can be expressed by an i finite series. In the case of a Poisson message arrival process, the series can be summed to a(More)
| This paper reviews earlier studies on superluminal wave propagation in anomalously dispersive media that have been carried out in the electronic, microwave, and optical regimes. Those studies are relevant to observation of modulated Gaussian pulses transmitted through various media at speeds apparently faster than c without distortion. This paper also(More)
Is it possible for a large sequence of measurements or observations, which support a hypothesis, to counterintuitively decrease our confidence? Can unanimous support be too good to be true? The assumption of independence is often made in good faith; however, rarely is consideration given to whether a systemic failure has occurred. Taking this into account(More)
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