Bruce R. Bistrian

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Ghrelin is a peptide secreted mainly by gastric parietal cells that may play a role in appetite regulation. Circulating ghrelin is abruptly lowered by food intake, but factors involved in ghrelin regulation remain unclear. The aim of this study was to determine whether intravenous glucose infusion lowers ghrelin, and to determine whether glucose, insulin or(More)
BACKGROUND Parenteral nutrition (PN), including intravenous lipid administration, is a life-saving therapy but can be complicated by cholestasis and liver disease. The administration of intravenous soy bean oil (SO) has been associated with the development of liver disease, while the administration of intravenous fish oil (FO) has been associated with the(More)
Dietary strategies to alter the immune response to acute inflammation have the potential to improve outcomes in critically ill patients. A eucaloric ketogenic diet (EKD), composed predominantly of fat with very small amounts of carbohydrate, can provide adequate caloric support while minimizing spikes in blood glucose and reducing oxidative stress. The(More)
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