Bruce N Summers

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Chronic pain at the donor site was reported by 25% of 290 patients who had undergone anterior lumbar spine fusion for low back pain. Donor site pain has characteristic clinical features, may be severely disabling and is stubbornly resistant to treatment. The highest prevalence was in patients who had a tricortical full thickness graft taken through a(More)
Patients with mechanical lower back pain not uncommonly present to clinicians with anxiety following a diagnosis of "Scheuermann's disease" based on a report of a plain radiograph of the lumbar spine. In most instances, the radiographs show features of lumbar Scheuermann's, rather than the classical adolescent thoracic kyphosis described by Scheuermann in(More)
Shelf operations performed on 24 patients (27 hips) for late presentation of congenital hip dysplasia were evaluated. The mean age at operation was 14 years 9 months and the mean follow-up 16 years 8 months. Two-thirds of the hips had good clinical results at follow-up. Patients operated on under the age of 20 years and with little or no radiological(More)
In a crossover experiment the authors investigated the effects of repeated weekly, 2-day, haloperidol drug holidays on serum haloperidol concentrations, mental status, and neuroleptic-induced movement disorders in seven chronic schizophrenic patients. Haloperidol concentrations decreased about 64% during the initial 36 hours of drug holiday and subsequently(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective clinical and radiologic investigation of two groups of patients presenting with either acute back pain only or acute leg pain only, yet similar restriction in straight leg raising (SLR). OBJECTIVES To highlight a group of patients presenting with acute low back pain only, yet a restricted SLR normally associated with leg pain(More)
Twenty Adult traumatic paraplegics with neurologically complete lesions between C8 and T12 have ambulated using a ParaWalker (adult hip guidance orthosis), for a minimum of 6 months at home. At follow up, on average 20 months from the date of issue of the orthosis, 17 patients (85%) were still regularly using their ParaWalker. Patients achieved independent(More)
for helpful comments and conversations. The author is solely responsible for the contents of this article. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond or the Federal Reserve System. Abstract: This paper develops a general equilibrium model of the clearing and settlement of private payment instruments. Spatial(More)
A 14-year-old girl with painful scoliosis was found to have an osteoid osteoma involving the body of the left seventh rib. Excision of the tumor was facilitated by intraoperative bone scanning that precisely located its position. Following surgery, preoperative pain was completely relieved and the spinal curvature had partially regressed. The importance of(More)
This research grew from a seminar on the future of RTGS given by Bruce Summers at Norges Bank in November 2007. The authors acknowledge and are grateful to a number of people who contributed to their understanding of RTGS operations and who provoked critical thinking regarding RTGS issues, including They are also grateful for the support provided by Barbara(More)