Bruce McCandless

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We compared the effectiveness of four methods for detecting patient motion during tomographic myocardial perfusion imaging: visual inspection of a cine of the raw data, cross-correlation, diverging squares and a new method called two-dimensional fit. The methods were evaluated for their ability to detect the presence of motion, localize the camera angle at(More)
Executive Summary (modified 08/17/04) We propose here a staged approach to human exploration beyond low Earth orbit (LEO). We believe such a plan must be adopted if the overall funding profile is to be kept within the bounds that are likely to be acceptable to the many future Congresses and Administrations that must " sign on " to the Exploration Initiative(More)
The complexity of the Round Damped Detuned Structue (RDDS) for the JLC/NLC main linac is driven by the considerations of rf efficiency and dipole wakefield suppression. As a time and cost saving measure for the JLC/NLC, the dimensions of the 3D RDDS cell are being determined through computer modeling to within fabrication precision so that no tuning may be(More)
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