Bruce Mathew

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The objective of the study was to assess the long-term efficacy of fluoroscopically-guided cervical nerve root block as a non-surgical treatment for cervical radicular pain. This was a retrospective study of 19 consecutive patients who had undergone cervical nerve root blocks over a period of 18 months, at a regional neurosurgery referral centre in the UK.(More)
A study was undertaken to determine if the vascular characteristics measured by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (primarily permeability surface area product and extracellular-extravascular tissue volume fraction) would be beneficial in explaining the inter-lesion metabolic heterogeneity displayed by human intracranial tumours. Magnetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To document the changes in patterns of airway accidents in intubated patients. DESIGN Prospective recording of all airway accidents over two periods: 1994-1997 and 1998-1999. PATIENTS Ventilated patients (5,046) intubated for 9,289 days over 4 years (1994-1997) and 2,932 ventilated patients intubated for 6,339 days over 2 years (1998-1999). (More)
A patient with perimesencephalic subarachnoid haemorrhage (PMSAH) developed a delayed third nerve palsy. Three formal cerebral angiograms, a computed tomography cerebral angiogram and a magnetic resonance angiogram all failed to reveal a vascular abnormality. Further investigations did not show any medical cause for the palsy. This appears to be the first(More)
Xanthogranulomas of the choroid plexus are usually asymptomatic. We present a short case report of a 60-year-old male whose symptoms of parosmia and parageusia have been relieved following surgical removal of a xanthogranuloma situated in the right lateral ventricle. Previous case reports and correlation of symptomatology and pathology are discussed.
Aneurysmal bone cysts of the sphenoid sinus are very rare, with only six cases described in the literature. We present a case of an aneurysmal bone cyst of the sphenoid sinus with associated fibrous dysplasia in which the radiological findings had some features of a mucocoele. We discuss the differences in pathogenesis, clinical presentation and(More)
Improvement in three out of four cases of normal pressure hydrocephalus after third ventriculostomy is reported. Pre- and postoperative ventricular pressure recording suggested that this improvement may be occurring in the absence of an improvement in ventricular pressures. Third ventriculostomy may relieve periventricular tissue stress and thus improve(More)
Plate cage Benezech (PCB) is a titanium-made implant introduced recently in spinal surgery as a new substitute for autograft in cervical spine interbody fusion. It has a plate attached to the anterior surface of the cage to prevent any displacement of the cage, and to provide additional support in patients with dynamic instability. A small number of studies(More)