Bruce M. Novak

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A series of chiral binaphthyl titanium alkoxide complexes were synthesized. Among them, chiral titanium complex [(R)-3,3'-dibromo-2,2'-binaphthoxy](di-tert-butoxy)titanium(IV) (R-3) exists as a crystallographic C2 dimer in the solid state but a monomer in solution at room temperature. Application of R-3 in the helix-sense-selective polymerization of achiral(More)
Transition-metal catalysts long ago made it from the laboratory bench to the polymerization reactor. Indeed, they are being used around the world to make more than 70 million tons of polyethylene and polypropylene a year. Transition-metal catalysts give polyolefin producers unprecedented flexibility in process and polymer design. However, there are still(More)
A polymeric composite containing a 2-aminoimidazole derivative was synthesized. It was found that this polymer was resistant to biofilm colonization by Acinetobacter baumannii, no leaching of the 2-aminoimidazole derivative was observed after 2 weeks of treatment with deionized water, and the resulting polymer was not hemolytic.
Because of tremendous progress made in the development of living and stereoselective polymerization processes,1 complex polymeric molecules with well-defined architectures2 can now be readily prepared. This provides avenues to obtaining precise structure-property relationships and engineer materials with new and controllable properties. Of the various(More)
We have achieved the synthesis of neutral nickel catalyst with the modified O^N-chelating ligand for the ethylene polymerization. The activity of the catalyst, and the molecular weight and the branching structure of the polymer obtained strongly depend on the ligand structure as well as the presence of Ni(COD)2 which is used as an activator. The crystal(More)
This study presents the development of stable-isotope labeled hydrophobic, hydrazide reagents for the relative quantification of N-linked glycans. The P2GPN "light" ((12)C) and "heavy" ((13)C(6)) pair are used to differentially label two N-linked glycan samples. The samples are combined 1:1, separated using HILIC, and then mass differentiated and quantified(More)
Using chiral catalysts of (R)- and/or (S)-BINOL-Ti, the asymmetrical polymerization of achiral monomer, N-(1-anthryl)-N'-n-octadecylcarbodiimide, yielded soluble nonregioregular polyguanidines of Poly-R1 and Poly-S1. A racemization process occurred when the toluene solution of Poly-R1 was annealed at elevated temperatures (70-80 degrees C). Kinetic studies(More)
In an attempt to find a novel catalyst system for atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), a parameter estimation method based on nonlinear regression was developed to evaluate various catalyst systems by determining kinetic parameters of polymerization. From our model system considering small molecular atom transfer addition reaction, we found that(More)
The specific conformational states responsible for the unique, reversible temperature- and solvent-driven chiroptical switching process experienced by poly(N-1-naphthyl-N'-octadecyl-carbodiimide) (PNOC) have been identified using VCD spectroscopy and DFT calculations. The distinct VCD spectra of PNOC corresponding to the two specific conformations were(More)