Bruce M. Johnson

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Interpolation algorithms can be developed to size unknown single-stranded (ss) DNA fragments based on their electrophoretic mobilities, when they are compared with the mobilities of standard fragments of known sizes; however, sequence-specific anomalous electrophoretic migration can affect the accuracy and precision of the called sizes of the fragments. We(More)
We present 50 cm long microchannels in a monolithic device for high resolution, long read-length DNA sequencing. These devices were fabricated and bonded in borofloat glass using unconventional photolithography techniques with 48-188 independent, straight microchannels. The microchannel DNA separation was tested with POP-6 polymer and a DNA sequencing(More)
A novel class of materials that self-assemble in water into equilibrium network structures with a well-defined mesh size consist of polyethylene glycols (PEG's) end-capped with micelle-forming fluorocarbon tails. These micellar systems form flowable aqueous gel-like networks that permit electrophoretic DNA sequencing in capillary columns. The gels have(More)
Proteinaceous residues incorporated within the crystal structure of ostrich eggshells (OES) are retained without loss over geological time exceeding 10 million years. Degradation of the polypeptides, including hydrolysis to smaller peptide fragments and eventual release of free amino acids, decomposition, and racemization and epimerization occur at regular,(More)
We studied dynamic processes in drying drops of model protein-salt solutions, using an uncoated quartz resonator as a biosensor. To measure these processes we developed a method based on recording the dynamics of the Acoustic-Mechanical Impedance (AMI) of a drop as it dried on the surface of a quartz resonator oscillating at a resonant frequency of 60 kHz.(More)
Glassy carbon electrodes covalently modified with a phenanthroimidazole mediator promote electrochemical alcohol and ether oxidation: three orders of magnitude increase in TON, to 15 000 in each case, was observed compared with homogeneous mediated reactions. We propose the deactivation pathways in homogeneous solution are prevented by the immobilization:(More)
Multiple Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films of arachidic acid were deposited on germanium (Ge) substrates from subphase solutions of 10(-4) M CdCl2 at different pH values and at different deposition speeds. Attenuated total reflectance infrared (ATR-IR) spectroscopy was used to obtain information on the molecular order and structure of these multilayer LB films.(More)
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