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Social Constructivist Theory and Principles of Inclusion: Challenges for Early Childhood Special Education
Current theoretical and practical conceptualizations in the field of early childhood special education are limited in their attention to the sociocultural context in which development occurs. ThisExpand
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The Role of Social Policy in Life-Cycle Transitions
This article examines the theory, research, and social policy relating to family and individual life-cycle transitions for people with disabilities in the United States. The article describes theExpand
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Is It Always Appropriate to Be Developmental? Convergent Models for Early Intervention Practice
Three theoretical models of early intervention practice are discussed in order to identify the common values that characterize each of them. Although the developmental, functional, and biologicalExpand
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An Ecocultural Perspective on Family Support in Rural Special Education
The historical shift in focus in special education from individual treatment to family support has led to the need for an ecocultural perspective in the delivery of services to families living inExpand
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Higher Education Collaboratives for Community Engagement and Improvement
higher education’s functions, but it is surely among the most important. At a time when the nation has its full share of difficulties...the question is not whether universities need to concernExpand
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Consequences of Categorical Labeling of Preschool Children
The use of categorical diagnostic labels prescribed in P.L. 94--142 with children below school age is examined in this article. National practices relative to categorical labeling are reviewed, andExpand
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