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at the Califor-nia Statewide Database helped provide data and answered our many questions, and we thank practitioners involved in redistricting who spoke with us in confidence. All errors are our responsibility. Abstract Hispanic voters appear to turnout in greater numbers when co-ethnic incumbents are on the ballot, suggesting a participation benefit to(More)
  • B Cain
  • 1986
Advantages of photonovels and comic books to communicate developmental issues are described. These print media are stories told by means of drawings or photographs, with few words. The advantages of these media are their popularity, their ability to communicate cause and effect, symbols or analogies, emotional subjects. Readers like stories, identify(More)
Focusing of MeV ion beams by means of tapered glass capillary optics Characteristics of a large diameter reactive ion beam generated by an electron cyclotron resonance microwave plasma source Tandem accel lens advantageous in producing a small spot focused ion beam An ion beam decelerator for energies down to 5 e V is described. The decelerator is a(More)
I examine a recently proposed solution to the ecological inference problem King 1997. It is asserted that the proposed model is able to reconstruct individual-level behavior from aggregate data. I discuss in detail both the beneets and limitations of this model. The assumptions of the basic model are often inappropriate for instances of aggregate data. The(More)
Short sections of text, not to exceed three paragraphs, may be quoted without written permission provided that full attribution is given to the source and the above copyright notice is included. iii Foreword At some time in the early part of this century, no racial or ethnic group will make up a majority of California's population. Demographers describe(More)
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