Bruce K. Haddon

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In the fo l lowing, four approaches to nested monitor cal ls w i l l be considered, that is: I~I Forbid them; Release exclusion on only the current monitor in a nest of calls when i t performs a wait ( d e l ~ ! or s i ~ (continue); (3) Release exclusion on ev~ery monltor in a nest of cal ls when the current one performs a wai_.__tt or ~ ; and (4) Release(More)
The bad news is that this book contains 44 presentations, divided into I$ areas within the general topic of "security". This demonstrates both the breadth and depth of interest in the topics covered at the conference, but makes i t di f f icult for any one reader (at least this reader) to feel at home in all parts of the book. Nevertheless, each paper held(More)
The IEEE Computer Society announced the approval of the world’s first Storage System Standards were approved on June 21st, 2000 [1], for the IEEE Media Management System (MMS) describing its architecture, data model, core media management protocol, and drive management and library management protocols. Four standards were approved, 1244.1 [2], 1244.3 [3],(More)
The table of contents gives a feeling for this attempt: Introduction; Chapters Asynchronous Communications; A Single Line Asynchronous Interface; The Twenty Milliampere Loop; Asynchronous Modems for Private Lines; Interface Stand~ Line Asynchronous Interface With Control for Private Line Modems; Multiplexers; Telephone Switching Systems; Modem Control for(More)
This book comes with an impressive foreword by John Sculley, Chairman and CEO of Apple Computer, Inc. In it he writes, "To step away from the narrowly-defined, nationally based paradigm for software development, programmers, management, and entire corporations must learn to recognize what elements of an interface, problem solving technique, documentation(More)
The standards are concerned with the problems of storage media management, and belong to the IEEE 1244 family of standards [Projects]. The main area of interest is that of removable media, such as magnetic tapes, whether, e.g., reels or cartridges, the various kinds of readable and (re)-writable disks (in compact and non-compact formats), or solidstate(More)
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