Bruce J. Ronchetti

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server processor B. Sinharoy R. Kalla W. J. Starke H. Q. Le R. Cargnoni J. A. Van Norstrand B. J. Ronchetti J. Stuecheli J. Leenstra G. L. Guthrie D. Q. Nguyen B. Blaner C. F. Marino E. Retter P. Williams The IBM POWERA processor is the dominant reduced instruction set computing microprocessor in the world today, with a rich history of implementation and(More)
microarchitecture H. Q. Le W. J. Starke J. S. Fields F. P. O’Connell D. Q. Nguyen B. J. Ronchetti W. M. Sauer E. M. Schwarz M. T. Vaden This paper describes the implementation of the IBM POWER6e microprocessor, a two-way simultaneous multithreaded (SMT) dual-core chip whose key features include binary compatibility with IBM POWER5e microprocessor-based(More)
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