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There is mounting empirical evidence to suggest that the law of one price is violated in retail financial markets: there is significant price dispersion even when products are homogeneous. Also, despite the large number of firms in the market, prices remain above marginal cost and may even rise as more firms enter. In a non-cooperative oligopoly pricing(More)
We analyze the problem of an investor who needs to unwind a portfolio in the face of recurring and uncertain liquidity needs, with a model that accounts for both permanent and temporary price impact of trading. We first show that a risk-neutral investor who myopically deleverages his position to meet an immediate need for cash always prefers to sell more(More)
We describe how episodic illiquidity arises from a breakdown in cooperation between market participants. We first solve a one-period trading game in continuous-time, using an asset pricing equation that accounts for the price impact of trading. Then, in a multi-period framework, we describe an equilibrium in which traders cooperate most of the time through(More)
Injury to the urinary tract occurs in 3% to 10% of patients suffering from blunt or penetrating trauma. Timely assessment of these patients is fundamental in minimizing associated morbidity and mortality rates. We introduce a review of the current treatment of patients with suspected injury to the urinary tract in which we focus on the appropriate(More)
OBJECTIVES To review our experience with persistent urinary retention after the tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure and report our treatment results. Ulmsten recently introduced the TVT procedure for female stress urinary incontinence. Although the morbidity is minimal, no surgical procedure is without risks, and experience will better define the(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate carcinoma poses a significant public health problem. Although a minority of men with newly diagnosed prostate carcinoma manifest bone metastases or skeletal abnormalities, a significant proportion of men will develop these complications over the course of their lives. Patients at highest risk for bone metastases include those with high(More)
We develop a dynamic model to study the interaction between obfus-cation and investor sophistication in retail financial markets. Taking into account different learning mechanisms within the investor population , we characterize the optimal timing of obfuscation for a profit-maximizing monopolist. We show that educational initiatives that are directed to(More)
PURPOSE The tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure is an operation for treatment of stress urinary incontinence. A polypropylene mesh tape is placed to support the midurethra through a small vaginal incision. In this study, we present our preliminary results evaluating the safety, tolerability, and perioperative morbidity of this procedure. MATERIALS(More)