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Spike-triggered averaging was used to extract the twitch tensions and contraction times of 144 motor units from the first dorsal interosseous muscle of four subjects for three different directions of static contraction: abduction of the index finger, flexion of the index finger, and adduction of the thumb coupled with flexion of the index finger (hereafter(More)
Muscle cramp was induced in the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle in four of seven subjects using unloaded maximal voluntary contraction of the triceps surae in the shortened position. Surface electromyography over the medial and lateral heads of gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles demonstrated that the muscle activity during cramp was localized to(More)
Spike-triggered averaging was used to determine the twitch tensions and contraction times of motor units in the abductor pollicis brevis muscle of two human subjects for two directions of isometric contraction: abduction and opposition of the thumb. During isometric contractions in each direction, the threshold force for motor-unit recruitment and the(More)
Medial gastrocnemius surface electromyographic activity and intramuscular electromyographic activity were recorded from six individuals with chronic cervical spinal cord injury to document the recruitment order of motor units during clonus. Four subjects induced clonus that lasted up to 30 s while two subjects induced clonus that they actively stopped after(More)
The BASC system provides tools for the integrated mining and browsing of genetic, genomic and phenotypic data. This public resource hosts information on Brassica species supporting the Multinational Brassica Genome Sequencing Project, and is based upon five distinct modules, ESTDB, Microarray, MarkerQTL, CMap and EnsEMBL. ESTDB hosts expressed gene(More)
Clonus can interfere with self-care and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury. Our aim was to characterize clonus and to evaluate factors that influence clonus duration in muscles paralyzed chronically by spinal cord injury. Electromyographic activity was recorded from soleus and 7 other limb muscles (5 ipsilateral, 2 contralateral) during(More)
The most recent Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, which was unprecedented in the number of cases and fatalities, geographic distribution, and number of nations affected, highlights the need for safe, effective, and readily available antiviral agents for treatment and prevention of acute Ebola virus (EBOV) disease (EVD) or sequelae. No antiviral(More)
  • John H Gibbons, Roger C Herdrnan, Walter E Parham, Alison L Hess, Bruce Ross, Nellie Hammond
  • 1992
Foreword Loss of tropical forests and reduction in the Earth's biological diversity have grown from development assistance concerns to themes of global debate during the last decade. At the same time that the value of biological resources to local communities and individual nations has become more fully appreciated, the connections between these resources(More)