Bruce F. Carroll

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An assessment of genetic diversity within and between Saccharum, Old World Erianthus sect. Ripidium, and North American E.giganteus (S.giganteum) was conducted using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLPTM) markers. An automated gel scoring system (GelComparTM) was successfully used to analyse the complex AFLP patterns obtained in sugarcane and its(More)
An investigation into the insular shelf and submerged banks surrounding Tutuila, American Samoa, was conducted using a towed camera system. Surveys confirmed the presence of zooxanthellate scleractinian coral communities at mesophotic depths (30–110 m). Quantification of video data, separated into 10-m-depth intervals, yielded a vertical,(More)
This paper presents a lumped element model of a piezoelectric-driven synthetic jet actuator. A synthetic jet, also known as a zero net mass-flux device, uses a vibrating diaphragm to generate an oscillatory flow through a small orifice or slot. In lumped element modeling (LEM), the individual components of a synthetic jet are modeled as elements of an(More)
This paper proposes and validates a jet formation criterion for synthetic jet actuators. The synthetic jet is a zero net mass flux device, adding additional momentum but no mass to its surroundings. Jet formation is defined as a mean outward velocity along the jet axis and corresponds to the clear formation of shed vortices. It is shown that the synthetic(More)
A total of 140 consecutive patients underwent repair of retinal detachment associated with grade C2 to D3 proliferative vitreoretinopathy with perfluoroperhydrophenanthrene (Vitreon) as an intraoperative hydrokinetic tool. In seven patients the Vitreon was left in the eye for extended tamponade. Intraoperative reattachment was obtained in 98% of patients.(More)
A new luminescent oxygen and temperature sensor has been developed that utilizes two luminescent dyes, 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)porphyrin platinum(II) (PtTFPP, the oxygen sensor) and tris(1,10-phenanthroline)ruthenium(II) dichloride (Ruphen, the temperature sensor). The two dyes are dispersed in an oxygen-permeable polymer binder consisting of(More)
A freshly prepared aqueous solution of iodine at a pH less than eight will contain mainly two forms of free iodine, namely diatomic iodine, I2, and triiodide, Ii,. The ratio of these two forms is determined by the concentration of iodide which is usually added to bactericidal prepaations for the purpose of increasing the solubility of the iodine. The(More)
Oxygen sensor films are frequently used to image air-pressure distributions on surfaces in aerodynamic wind tunnels. In this application, the sensor film is referred to as a pressure-sensitive paint (PSP). A Stern-Volmer calibration is used to relate the emission intensity ratio of a long-lifetime luminescent dye (the pressure-sensitive luminophore, PSL) to(More)
The wind tunnel tests in this research have proved the superior performance of co-flow jet(CFJ) airfoil to dramatically increase lift, stall margin, and drag reduction. Two airfoils with different injection slot size are tested to study the effect of geometry. The airfoil with smaller injection slot size (0.65% chord length) performs significantly better(More)