Bruce E Freedman

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A survey of practicing physicians in Rhode Island revealed a cigarette smoking rate of only 8.3 per cent in 1983. This represents a continuation of the consistent decrease seen in the percentage of physician smokers in each such survey since 1963. Under age 30, the rate was only 4.5 per cent. An exponential model suggests that the overall rate for Rhode(More)
The ideal technique to repair large hiatal and diaphragmatic defects remains controversial. Due to high recurrence rates with primary repair alone, attempts at crural reinforcement with various products has been investigated. Initial evaluation of synthetic mesh at the hiatus in retrospective studies led to the conclusion that there were too many serious(More)
INTRODUCTION A non-cross-linked porcine acellular dermal matrix was used to reinforce an esophageal hiatal hernia repair. A second surgery was required 11 months later to repair a slipped Nissen; this allowed for examination of the hiatal hernia repair and showed the graft to be well vascularized and fully incorporated. CASE PRESENTATION A 71-year-old(More)
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