Bruce E. Collins

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While somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) has been successful in several species, many pregnancies are lost and anomalies are found in fetal and perinatal stages. In this study SCNT and artificial inseminations (AI) populations were compared for litter size, average birth weight, piglets alive at birth, stillborn, mummies, dead at the first week,(More)
The widespread application of porcine SCNT to biomedical research is being hampered by the large adult size (300-600 lbs) of the commercial breeds commonly used for SCNT. The Yucatan minipig, in contrast, has an adult weight of 140-150 lbs and a long history of utility in biomedical research. In order to combine the wide availability of commercial swine(More)
Transgenic pigs have become an attractive research model in the field of translational research, regenerative medicine, and stem cell therapy due to their anatomic, genetic and physiological similarities with humans. The development of fluorescent proteins as molecular tags has allowed investigators to track cell migration and engraftment levels after(More)
The technical issues relevant to providing high-quality digital service over analog radio using 1.544-Mbit/s DS-1 data-in-voice modems operating through analog supergroup channels with 256-QAM modulation are reviewed. By means of a typical example, the desirability of increasing the fading margin when operating over FM radio systems is demonstrated. This(More)
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