Bruce E. Cain

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Thomas / PUBLIC TRU T IN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES The decline of public trust in government in the United States is well documented. We know comparatively little, however, about how to maintain or restore the public’s trust. This article attempts to advance our understanding of trust in government by addressing a relatively narrow question: How can we create,(More)
Hispanic voters appear to turnout in greater numbers when co-ethnic incumbents are on the ballot, suggesting a participation benefit to majority-minority (MM) districts. We find that this turnout effect is spurious in elections following California’s 2000 redistricting. When drawing minority districts in the 1990, 2000, and 2010 cycles, California(More)
Advantages of photonovels and comic books to communicate developmental issues are described. These print media are stories told by means of drawings or photographs, with few words. The advantages of these media are their popularity, their ability to communicate cause and effect, symbols or analogies, emotional subjects. Readers like stories, identify(More)
The recent academic literature suggests that pressure from special interest groups has little or no influence on whether initiatives and referendums are passed or defeated. Further, there is a consensus that, to the degree that groups’ campaigning is important for explaining outcomes, groups opposing the initiative and favoring the status quo have an(More)
Dose-related remineralization of enamel lesions was studied in situ. Enamel specimens with subsurface lesions were mounted on lower molars bilaterally and exposed to five regimens: (A) control with a F-free dentifrice three times daily; (B) NaF dentifrice brushed three times daily; (C) fluoride-releasing device (FRD; 0.07 mg F/day release rate) plus F-free(More)
Despite its importance as a tool for protecting air and water quality, and for mitigating impacts to protected species and ecosystems, the environmental permitting process is widely recognized to be inefficient and marked by delays. This article draws on a literature review and interviews with permitting practitioners to identify factors that contribute to(More)
Americans are always for national service—except when we are not. Public rhetoric in the United States has always laid heavy stress on the obligations of citizenship. “With rights come responsibilities.” It’s a statement that rolls off the tongues of politicians. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” John F.(More)