Bruce Drum

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Field adaptation causes proportional changes in cone response latency and log sensitivity for (1) psychophysical reaction times to threshold stimuli, (2) intracellular recordings of turtle cone responses, (3) local electroretinogram recordings of monkey cone responses and (4) theoretical impulse response functions derived from psychophysical flicker(More)
When evaluating how a medical product affects vision, it is important to assess how that product affects the ability to function in real life, not only the ability to read letters on a vision chart. Nevertheless, the measurement of visual acuity with a vision chart remains the primary test of the effects of medical products on vision. Here, we review(More)
We present evidence that steady achromatic adapting fields can produce response saturation in color-opponent pathways. We measured tvi (log increment threshold illuminance versus log background illuminance) functions at four test wavelengths (430, 490, 575, and 660 nm) and nine background illuminances from 4.0 to 5.6 log Td. Foveal, 2 degrees diameter, 1 s(More)
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for determining whether medical device manufacturers have provided reasonable assurance, based on valid scientific evidence, that new devices are safe and effective for their intended use before they are introduced into the U.S. market. Most existing color vision devices pose so little risk that their(More)