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Understanding the return on investments in information technology (IT) is the focus of a large and growing body of research. The objective of this paper is to synthesize this research and develop a model to guide future research in the evaluation of information technology investments. We focus on archival studies that use accounting or market measures of(More)
The value relevance of announcements of transformational information technology investments." Mis Quarterly (2003): 637-656. Abstract In this paper, we examine the influence of IT strategic role to extend the findings of Im et al. Specifically, we demonstrate that IT strategic role can explain how IT investments in each of the IT strategic roles might(More)
This paper examines the financial benefits of adopting IT-based supply chain management (SCM) systems by 123 manufacturing firms over the period 1994 to 2000. By examining the change in financial performance pre and post adoption controlling for industry median changes in performance, we find that SCM systems increase gross margin, inventory turnover,(More)
Information technology (IT) has been asserted to be a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Empirical evidence has shown that IT can improve a company's performance and competitive position. We examine the factors that are believed to lead to a sustainable competitive advantage due to an IT-enabled strategy, and test these factors empirically. Our(More)
Based on previous empirical research, there seems to be little relation between investment in information technology (IT) and ®nancial performance (often referred to as thèproductivity paradox'). We hypothesize that this is due to the fact that many companies implement IT projects ineffectively. Like any other asset, IT must be utilized effectively to(More)
and also holds an MBA from West Virginia University and a B.S. in Finance (with honors) from the University of Tennessee. His research interests include wireless mobile collaboration, electronic commerce, and electronic monitoring of employees. His research has been published in several prestigious journals and conferences, including Communications of the(More)
Our objective in this paper is to develop a firm value model to assist IT managers and researchers in understanding the multiple effects that IT investments have on firm value. This firm value approach adds to the process-oriented approach through simultaneous evaluation of all of the factors that affect firm value. It is crucial for IT professionals to(More)
Our objective in this paper is to show how the firm value framework can be used to examine IT investments and research on IT investment decisions. The firm value approach adds to the process-oriented approach through simultaneous evaluation of all of the factors that affect firm value. We demonstrate how to use the firm value framework in evaluating two(More)
There is a belief that the payoffs from investments in information technology (IT) are difficult to recognize, and therefore a sustained competitive advantage from an IT-enabled strategy is difficult to distinguish from a temporary competitive advantage. We develop a model to test whether market participants are able to recognize a sustained competitive(More)
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