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Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Spells
This paper tests the effects of the level and length of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits on unemployment durations. The paper particularly studies individual behavior during the weeks just priorExpand
Natural and Quasi- Experiments in Economics
Using research designs patterned after randomized experiments, many recent economic studies examine outcome measures for treatment groups and comparison groups that are not randomly assigned. Expand
The Impact of the Potential Duration of Unemployment Benefits on the Duration of Unemployment
This paper uses two data sets to examine the impact of the potential duration of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits on the duration of unemployment and the time pattern of the escape rate fromExpand
Lessons from the U.S. Unemployment Insurance Experiments
Recent social experiments have evaluated two reforms of the unemployment insurance (UI) system: reemployment bonuses and job search programs. The bonus experiments show that economic incentivesExpand
Labor Supply Effects of Social Insurance
This chapter examines the labor supply effects of social insurance programs. We argue that this topic deserves separate treatment from the rest of the labor supply literature because individuals mayExpand
The Under-Reporting of Transfers in Household Surveys: Its Nature and Consequences
High rates of understatement are found for many government transfer programs and in many datasets. This understatement has major implications for our understanding of economic well-being and theExpand
Ethnic and Racial Self-Employment Differences and Possible Explanations
We show that entrepreneurship rates differ substantially across 60 ethnic and racial groups in the United States. These differences exist within broad combinations of groups such as Asians andExpand
Unemployment Insurance Takeup Rates and the After-Tax Value of Benefits
The recent decline in the unemployment insurance (UI) takeup rate has puzzled researchers. Using administrative data with accurate information on the potential level and duration of benefits, weExpand
The Extent and Consequences of Job Turnover
EMPIRICAL STUDIES OF LABOR TURNOVER play an important role in improving our understanding of the labor market. For example, theories of frictional unemployment increase in significance if totalExpand
Unemployment Insurance, Recall Expectations, and Unemployment Outcomes
This paper shows the importance of explicitly accounting for the possibility of recalls when analyzing the determinants of unemployment spell durations and the effects of unemployment insurance (UI)Expand