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[1] Satellite altimetric height was combined with approximately 1,000,000 in situ temperature profiles to produce global estimates of upper ocean heat content, temperature, and thermosteric sea level variability on interannual timescales. Maps of these quantities from mid-1993 through mid-2003 were calculated using the technique developed by Willis et al.(More)
Since it was first proposed in the late 1970's (Munk and Wunsch 1979, 1982), ocean acoustic tomography has evolved into a remote sensing technique employed in a wide variety of physical settings. In the context of long-term oceanic climate change, acoustic tomography provides integrals through the mesoscale and other high-wavenumber noise over long(More)
Systematic improvements in algorithmic design of regional ocean circulation models have led to significant enhancement in simulation ability across a wide range of space/time scales and marine system types. As an example, we briefly review the Regional Ocean Modeling System, a member of a general class of three-dimensional, free-surface, terrain-following(More)
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  • 2011
Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. intrusions northeast of Taiwan: Chasing and predicting uncertainty in the(More)
Broadband acoustic signals were transmitted during November 1994 from a 75-Hz source suspended near the depth of the sound-channel axis to a 700-m long vertical receiving array approximately 3250 km distant in the eastern North Pacific Ocean. The early part of the arrival pattern consists of raylike wave fronts that are resolvable, identifiable, and stable.(More)
The North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory (NPAL) program is intended to improve our understanding of (i) the basic physics of low-frequency, broadband propagation in deep water, including the effects of oceanographic variability on signal stability and coherence, (ii) the structure of the ambient noise field in deep water at low frequencies, and (iii) the(More)
We examine statistical and directional properties of the ambient noise in the 10-100 Hz frequency band from the NPAL array. Marginal probability densities are estimated as well as mean square levels, skewness and kurtoses in third octave bands. The kurotoses are markedly different from Gaussian except when only distant shipping is present. Extremal levels(More)
A primitive equation ocean model is fit with strong constraints to non-synoptic hydrographic surveys in an unstable frontal current region, the Iceland–Faeroe Front. The model is first Ž. initialized from a time-independent objective analysis of non-synoptic data spanning 2 to 6 days. A truncated set of eddy-scale basis functions is used to represent the(More)
SUMMARY A variational data assimilation system has been implemented for the tropical Pacific Ocean using an eddy-permitting regional implementation of the MITgcm. The adjoint assimilation system was developed by the Estimation of the Circulation and the Climate of the Ocean consortium, and has been extended to deal with open boundaries. This system is used(More)
(2003). Field experiments show that acoustic pingers reduce marine mammal by-catch in the California drift gill net fishery. Mar. (1997). Exposure to sublethal blast overpressure reduces the food intake and exercise performance of rats.