Bruce Culbertson

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This paper presents a novel algorithm for calibrating multiple casually placed projectors, via a single uncalibrated camera, to produce a "wallpaper" projection, which is equivalent to printing a single image onto a flat sheet of paper and pasting it to the screen. Based on a piecewise planar model, the method described here combines the advantages of(More)
Copyright 2006 IEEE. Published in the International Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems (ProCams 2006), June 17, 2006, New York. Personal use of this material is permitted. Permission to reprint/republish for advertising or promotional purposes or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or to reuse any(More)
This report addresses the problem of calibrating camera parameters such as lens distortion and color scaling using variational methods. We have presented multi-view stereo techniques based on variational ideas to (i) evolve pose parameters of a 3D model object to take advantage of the known shape of calibration objects, and to reduce computational(More)
A variety of techniques have been proposed to manipulate objects in three dimensions using only a two-dimensional input device, such as a standard mouse. Some of these methods lacked full six degree of freedom (DOF) control, instead manipulating only the two DOF orientation of the object. Others provide six DOF control at the cost of complex user operations(More)
 Analysis and management of geometric distortions on multi-view displays with only horizontal parallax Amir Said, Bruce Culbertson HP Laboratories HPL-2012-2 Light field display; multi-view display parallax Light field (multi-view) displays are often designed to support horizontal parallax only (HPO) since this significantly reduces complexity compared to(More)
Volume rendering is a key technology with increasing importance for the visualization of 3D sampled datasets. 3D volumetric data is delievered by acquisition devices such as biomedical scanners (MRI, CT) or acoustic wave devices for geophysical explorations, as well as super-computer simulations and scienti c experiments, including aerodynamics, weather(More)
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