Bruce Borders

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  • Qingmin Meng, Chris J Cieszewski, Marguerite Madden, Bruce Borders
  • 2007
Using forest inventory data and Landsat ETM+ data, linear fixed-effects models and linear mixed-effects models are developed based on the allometric growth model. The surface area of the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVIsa) is developed from the triangulated irregular network (TIN) with the aid of image-processing and the three-dimensional(More)
Tree biomass is typically estimated using statistical models. This review highlights five limitations of most tree biomass models, which include the following: (1) biomass data are costly to collect and alternative sampling methods are used; (2) belowground data and models are generally lacking; (3) models are often developed from small and geographically(More)
To sustainably manage loblolly pine plantations for bioenergy and carbon sequestration, accurate information is required on the relationships between management regimes and energy, carbon, and nutrient export. The effects of cultural intensity and planting density were investigated with respect to energy, carbon, and essential nutrients in aboveground(More)
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