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A Staphylococcus aureus mutant conditionally defective in DNA ligase was identified by isolation of complementing plasmid clones that encode the S. aureus ligA gene. Orthologues of the putative S. aureus NAD(+)-dependent DNA ligase could be identified in the genomes of Bacillus stearothermophilus and other gram-positive bacteria and confirmed the presence(More)
This paper presents a systematic approach for estimating time and cost information in a software testing environment. Models are powerful analytical tools, particularly well suited to solving complex, multivariable problems with time variant data. Software cost estimation certainly meets these criteria. This paper outlines how basic modeling techniques can(More)
  • Bruce Benton
  • 2008
Designing and building a software test organization can largely be broken down into a set of decision categories and an understanding of the environmental factors which influence those decisions. This paper summarizes the three key strategies which must be addressed (automation strategy, organizational strategy and test strategy) and discusses how various(More)
We evaluated a hospital based stop smoking programme which includes an initial assessment followed by six once-weekly group meetings. Optional use of nicotine-containing chewing gum was chosen by 50% of subjects. The subject's abstinence was validated by personal interviews and measurement of blood thiocyanate and/or expired breath carbon monoxide levels.(More)
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