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PURPOSE Favorable dosimetric results have been reported using intraoperative inverse optimization (IO) for permanent prostate brachytherapy. The clinical implications of these improvements in dosimetry are unclear. We review toxicity and early biochemical outcomes for patients implanted using IO technique. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between 2001 and 2007, 165(More)
This retrospective study examines partial nephrectomies performed over a period of approximately three years to confirm the feasibility of the procedure for suspected renal cell carcinoma. The surgeries were done primarily at a 1000-bed, university-affiliated hospital by members of a private urologic surgery practice. We examined whether recent advances in(More)
A case of acute bilateral testicular torsion in the adolescent is reported. This case reaffirms the need to perform bilateral scrotal exploration in cases of suspected torsion. Although it represents an extreme rarity, delay in exploration may have resulted in bilateral orchiectomy. The case also appears to be another example of intermittent testicular pain(More)
At this institution, via clinical observation at laparoscopy, a phenomenon was noted in humans that was associated with injury to the prepubertal vas deferens. There were 4 cases that presented with apparent atrophy of the abdominal pelvic portion of the vas deferens following injury to the vas in the prepubertal period. A study was undertaken to see if(More)
PURPOSE Comparison of inverse optimization (IO) to modified peripheral (MP) and geometric optimization (GO) intraoperative computer planning options for permanent seed implantation (PSI) of the prostate. METHODS AND MATERIALS One hundred ten patients underwent PSI with iodine-125. Three computer planning options were compared including MP loading, GO, and(More)
PURPOSE To report the biochemical control rate and clinical outcomes with real-time inverse planning (inverse optimization prostate seed implant [IO-PSI]) for favorable-risk (FR) and intermediate-risk (IR) prostate adenocarcinoma in a community practice setting. This analysis is an extended followup of our initial report, with favorable early biochemical(More)
Advances in genitourinary operation have allowed use of an appendicovesicostomy in patients requiring chronic catheterization for bladder emptying. Recent discussions of the appropriateness of incidental appendectomy have ignored the potential usefulness of the appendix as a catheterizable stoma. We present our experience with the Mitrofanoff principle to(More)
A case of scrotal recurrence of a paratesticular rhabdomyosarcoma 5 years after orchiectomy and chemotherapy is described. To our knowledge local recurrences have been reported previously only in the inguinal region. The patient had a history of orchiopexy, which may have contributed to the scrotal recurrence.
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