Bruce Beckman

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BACKGROUND Direct, real-time visualization of the hard and soft tissues within the gingival sulcus may aid the clinician in diagnosis and therapy of periodontal disease. This report describes an endoscope specifically designed for this purpose and the interpretation of dental endoscopic images. METHODS Medical endoscope technology was modified for(More)
An assay method based on thin layer chromatography to study the arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism in gill tissues was optimized and the effect of osmotically different incubation mediums on AA metabolism was evaluated. Rainbow trout gill tissues metabolize AA into PGE2 in highest concentration followed by PGD2, PGF2α and 6-keto-PGF1α (the stable metabolite(More)
The present study investigated aphasic subjects' ability to comprehend and store serially presented discourse. Sixteen mild aphasic subjects, eight age-matched normals, and eight younger normals listened to four serially presented radio news stories and a single radio news story. Half of the aphasic subjects performed as well as age-matched normals in a(More)
Ultrastructural experiments on plasmolyzed cells suggested that the information for the position and orderly synthesis of septa is not determined by the attachment of cell membrane to previously formed wall. These experiments, in conjunction with others on cells disrupted by the freeze-fracture technique, are most consistent with wall growth over the entire(More)
The effect of prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) on osmotic water flow across toad bladder and cyclic AMP content of the mucosal epithelial cells has been determined under basal conditions and in the presence of either theophylline or antidiuretic hormone (ADH); Under basal conditions and with PGE1 concentrations from 10(-8) to 10(-5) M no evidence of stimulation of(More)
To gain further insight into the mechanism of action of cholera toxin, solubilized preparations of adenylate cyclase from control and toxin-treated rat livers were studied. Adenylate cyclase activity was measured in both particulate and solubilized form in rat liver under control conditions and after intravenous injection of cholera toxin. Cholera toxin(More)
Cell walls made by Bacillus subtilis bacteria grown in D(2)O medium have buoyant densities in CsCl which are different from walls made by cells grown in H(2)O medium. Cell wall turnover was studied by measuring the change in wall buoyant density after a B. subtilis culture was shifted from growth in D(2)O medium to aeration in H(2)O medium. Walls from the(More)