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Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden
Despite the saturation of global media coverage, Osama bin Laden's own writings have been curiously absent from analysis of the "war on terror." Over the last ten years, bin Laden has issued a seriesExpand
Defenders of God: The Fundamentalist Revolt Against the Modern Age
PART ONE: CONTEXT 1. The Making of a Construct: Modernism and Fundamentalism 2. Reinterpreting the Rise of the West 3. Ideology Between Religion, Philosophy, and Science 4. Fundamentalism as aExpand
Muslims Renegotiating Marginality in Contemporary Ethiopia
Ethiopian Muslims have only had access to public space and opportunity for religious self-definition and collective influence since 1991. During little more than two decades, how have they advancedExpand
Beyond Turk and Hindu: Rethinking Religious Identities in Islamicate South Asia
This collection challenges the presumption that Muslims and Hindus are irreconcilably different groups, inevitably conflicting with each other. It depicts a neglected substratum of Muslim-HinduExpand
Muslim networks from Hajj to hip hop
Crucial to understanding Islam is a recognition of the role of Muslim networks. The earliest networks were Mediterranean trade routes that quickly expanded into transregional paths for pilgrimage,Expand
Islam in the Digital Age: E-Jihad, Online Fatwas and Cyber Islamic Environments , by Gary R. Bunt. London: Pluto Press, 2003. 237 pages, index, glossary, bibliography. US$24.95 (Paper) ISBN
Union (i.e. the institutional caution of the European Central Bank, budget deficit limits of the EU's "Growth and Stability Pact," political resistance to structural reforms). He does not foresee theExpand