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The future of anti-aircraft imaging infrared seeker missile threats
The Imaging Threat Investigations (ITIV) program goals are to: 1. Perform a thorough literature survey of state-of-the-art (SOA) technologies associated with imaging infrared (IR) seeker missilesExpand
Remote imaging in the ultraviolet using intensified and nonintensified CCDs
Recent advances in charge-coupled device (CCD) coatings and manufacturing have resulting in CCDs sensitive to short UV wavelengths. These UV-enhanced CCDs can be used to image in the UV without theExpand
Impact of advances in imaging infrared detectors on anti-aircraft missile performance
This paper reviews some of the technologies associated with evolutionary improvements in imaging infrared seeker designs and predicts technology performance into the future. The impact of technologyExpand
Digitization of film for archiving through the estimation of dye densities
This paper introduces an alternate standard for film archiving based on digitizing the dye densities of the film rather than the color (XYZ or RGB). The color of the film is encoded by the storage ofExpand
High-resolution movie-film digitization: color scanner calibration
A novel system concept for high color/spatial resolution movie film electronic capture that considers local regions of RGB color space and determines the transformation matrix based only on those local RGB and measured XYZ values. Expand
Optimum detection and illumination spot sizes for estimation of dye concentrations of photographic prints
This paper represents a beginning in the study of effects and limitations of the spatial resolution of the digitization of photographs by estimating and recording the dye concentrations of each pixel, and more importantly of the subtle relationship between spectral accuracy and spatial resolution. Expand
Color photographic paper dye density estimate using wavelength-dependent optical properties
A methodology has been developed to digitize images from photographic color paper and store the spectral information as a function of the three dye density basis functions inherent to the paper film type that can be digitally stored with very little additional storage space over conventional RGB-type methodologies. Expand
Next generation of imaging infrared seekers for anti-aircraft missiles
This paper surveys the projected advancements in technology areas applicable to imaging infrared seeker designs for tactical missiles projected to exist between the years 2010 to 2020 and reviews a wide variety of databases for published technical literature describing advances in critical technologies for tactical missile systems. Expand